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California students now have access to low cost one on one tutoring

Apangea Learning is pleased to inform everyone in the blogosphere that our flagship product, SmartHelp, meets the California Learning Resource Network (CLRN) Supplemental Electronic Learning Resources Review Criteria and Process. SmartHelp is now included on the CLRN database and Web site, which can be found at


Approved by the California State Board of Education, the CLRN Supplemental Electronic Learning Resources Review Criteria and Process provides California educators with a “one-stop” resource for critical information needed for the selection of supplemental electronic learning resources aligned to the State Board of Education academic content standards.


“SmartHelp is a valuable supplemental mathematics resource to improve achievement for the students of California,” stated Kelley Day, publisher liaison for CLRN. “The California Learning Resource Network is pleased to add SmartHelp to the CLRN database.”

 The CLRN review process for supplemental electronic learning resources utilizes the State Board of Education approved review criteria which covers three major components: legal compliance review, California Content Standards Alignment verification and CLRN minimum requirements review. 

“CLRN’s review criteria and process is extremely thorough and as a result, California educators have come to rely on its guidance, insight and expertise when choosing the best supplemental electronic learning resource for their classroom,” said Apangea Learning CEO Louis Piconi. “We are excited to bring cost-effective supplemental math instruction to a vast number of California students, including ELL and those struggling with language comprehension in mathematics.”

 ~ Matthew Hausmann, Vice President ~